Boeme was founded by British designer & artist Jo Bound in 2011 and has grown into a furnishing brand established in showrooms around the world.

Every Boeme design starts its life as an original artwork by Jo. The signature Boeme aesthetic is derived from Jo’s unique approach to experimentation, whether that be through colour, process, or media. It’s this symbiotic relationship between art and textile design that epitomises Boeme.

The inspiration behind each piece is indefinable. It comes from everywhere. Sometimes it starts as a journey on a train, a shadow on a wall or from the colours of a place.

Boeme is dedicated to sustainable principles and supporting British business. Provenance is at the core of the Boeme ethos – every piece is derived from an original artwork and printed in the UK. This not only promotes the highest quality craftsmanship but ensures a minimal carbon footprint. Boeme is committed to the reduction of waste; manufacturing products in small batches to ensure the least environmental impact.

A Boeme design is not about a trend. It’s about creating something different that can be cherished in a space for a long time.

“This studio door
represents an
insight into
my world,
my people,
my inspiration.”

Jo Bound


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